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Kenics Heat Exchangers

Kenics® Static Mixer technology, available exclusively in Kenics® Heat Exchangers, offers the highest available coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Capable of reliable operation in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries, Kenics Heat Exchangers require less space, less energy and less residence time than standard designs.

Static Mixing Element Technology

The Kenics Heat Exchanger consists of a continuous string of static mixer elements within each heat exchanger tube. Fluid flow is directed radially toward the pipe walls and back to the element, regardless of velocity. Additionally, momentum reversal and flow division also contributes to the mixing efficiency. All processed material is continuously and completely intermixed to eliminate radial gradients in temperature, velocity and material composition. As a result, Kenics Heat Exchangers provide predictable, controlled mixing, and the most efficient form of thermal transfer available today.

Efficient Heat Exchanger Design

By using Kenics Static Mixer elements in each heat exchanger tube, the film build-up commonly associated with empty tubes is significantly reduced. Process fluid is continuously pushed from the center of each tube, to the wall and back to the center, eliminating thermal gradients and boosting the inside film coefficient.

Kenics Static Mixer elements produce a more uniform, consistent transfer process, with three to seven times greater heat transfer rates than empty tubes alone. Other characteristics include the following:

  • Mixer elements create self-cleaning wiping action
  • Plug flow characteristics produce uniform heat history
  • Temperature gradients are blended out
  • Minimal fouling
  • Surface renewal at tube wall reduces chance of thermal degradation
  • Viscous materials can cool to near freezing

Kenics Static Mixer elements are furnace brazed to the pipe walls. The resultant enhanced surface area and internal fin effect augment the mixing action to dramatically enhance transfer rates. Removable elements are also available for applications requiring periodic cleaning during product change-overs.

Advanced Design and Fabrication

As custom-built, individually crafted units, Kenics Heat Exchangers are built to stringent ASME and TEMA codes, requiring the use of efficient, state-of-the-art equipment in both design and manufacturing operations. Often large and complex, these units require considerable welding and metal joining. Using the most advanced welding techniques and tools available, fabrication specialists produce a smooth, uniform weld at each tube end.