• Minimum Training Requirements, easy Acceptance by Personnel
  • Incorporation of Customer-Owned Instruments
  • Up to 6 FlexyALR Controllable from a single PC
Flexible Automation for Syntheses, Lab Scale and Pilot Plant Applications


  • Gravimetric and volumetric dosing facilities
  • Temperature control of jacket and reactor
  • Stirrer control includes speed and torque measurements
  • pH Measurement
  • Manual and Recipe Control
  • Data capture and automatic Laboratory Report

ALR Optionen

  • Distillation with Reflux Splitter
  • Pressure and Vacuum measurement and Control
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Isothermal Heat Flow Calorimetry
  • Turbidity measurement, midIR FTIR Integration
  • Particle size measuring instruments can be integrated
  • pH Control
  • GLP and CFR21 part 11, IQ/OQ on request

Incorporation of Customer-Owned Instruments

The FlexyALR Concept even allows the integration of existing customer-owned hardware. This will not only reduce costs dramatically but speeds up the automation process substantially.

Operating Several Reactors

A number of ALR’s can be operated from a single PC. SYSTAG will provide optimal advice.

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