FlexyALR FilDry

Laboratory Device for the investigation of filtration and drying processes for the chemical process development

Usage as an agitated filter dryer
  • Filtration under controlled Nitrogen pressure
  • Washing of the filter cake by displacement or suspending wash
  • Dual purpose agitator with lift automatic
  • During the filtration and washing step, the stirrer is used to smooth down the cake surface to prevent cracking of the filter cake
  • During the drying step, the stirrer is used to break the filter cake and to suppress lump formation
Usage as a paddle dryer
  • Simple exchange of the filter plate for a base plate and insertion of a baffle
  • Direct loading of the good into the lowered vessel
  • Drying under controlled vacuum and temperature condition
Block Diagram

More information is given in FilDry, FlexyConcept, Recepe Control and SysGraph for graphics and evaluations.

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