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Reactive Metal Heat Exchangers
From Small to Large, all types of corrosion resistant equipment is available including Pfaudler Glasteel™, Tantalum, Zirconium and High Nickel alloys.

Complete custom designed exotic alloy heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, food, flavor & fragrance and neutraceutical industries. Process wetted materials can be Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Hastelloy®, glass-lined (Glasteel®), or plastic lined. All types of heat exchangers can be fabricated including bayonets, fixed tubesheet and U-Tube type units. Standard size Tantalum tubing (3/4 inch OD by 0.015 inch thick) is stocked for quick delivery.

Complete Validation Support Documentation is available along with construction to all applicable codes such as A.S.M.E., TEMA, PED and China SQL Codes. A perfect solution for general purpose overhead condensers for glass-lined reactors. With 100+ years in the business, you can count on us for your next project.

Design Features of Tantalum Heat Exchangers

Quality Assurance
All welds are dye penetrant and gas leak tested

Silver Brazing Outside Edge of Tantalum linings
  • Eliminates contamination of back side of tantalum linings

"Tell-Tale" Tubesheet and Bonnet Ports
  • Used for purging and testing welds during fabrication
  • During operation, the ports can be used to monitor process leakage as an indication of weld integrit

Flush Mount
Hastelloy® Tubesheet
  • Allows for complete drainage of vertical or inclined units
  • Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry

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