All Calorimeters Calo 2310 eco, base and pro are suitable for Safety Investigations as well as Scale-Up Applications.

Typical construction layout.  Can be individually adapted.  Here an example of a Calo 2310 pro BS.

Synoptic operating screen with simultaneous graphics display.  The most important values such as TR, TJ, Delta DT-HF and DT-HB can be selected and displayed in the large display ‘Blue Window'.  The 'Blue Window’ shows all calorimetric online data.

Recipe generation using Drag & Drop from the left column containing all Basic Operations. Individual phases (also called steps) are displayed on the right hand side in descending sequence. Each phase can process up to 5 parallel operating Basic Operation.

Displayed here is the evaluation of a hydrolysis using jacket control (TR does not remain stable).  Measurements were carried out using two calibrations to obtain high accuracy.  If there are time constraints operations may also be carried out without calibration, ideally with prior optimization of a user table.
Introduction – Heat Flow(HF) and Heat Balance(HB) as well as isothermal and non-isothermal operation
  • SYSTAG realised in 2000, for the first time, a model based combination of Heat Flow and Heat Balance measurements in the jacket based on the previous Contalab.
  • Two simultaneous and independent measurements are always carried out during an experiment.  This produces immediately a Plausibility Check.
  • Due to the design of the model, it is not only possible to perform isothermal but also non iso-thermal measurements, under vastly varying temperatures even up until reflux conditions are reached.
  • In addition Heat Balance (HB) yields more accurate results regarding level changes, Stirrer Vortex variations, Crystallisation at the Reactor Wall and Viscosity changes when compared with the Heat Flow (HF) method.
  • The HB method is possibly less accurate (smaller signal) but proves extremely robust under most difficult situations.
  • The model-based realisation allows for the first time to perform correct measurements with all control modes such as Reactor Control or Jacket Control or even Adiabatic Control.  This provides for exact measurements of a process prior to transfer into a practical application
  • It is no longer necessary to adjust the process to the Calorimeter.  The Calorimeter provides real-time measurements.
  • The model-based variation allows the calibration of all types and shapes of double jacketed reactors.The most suitable reactor shape for a Scale-Up can already be selected.
  • As the Model Parameters based on an experiment can be adapted at any time and transferred to the Calorimeter, it is now possible to measure without calibration.
View of the Three Instrument Classes
Calo 2310 eco
With on-line display of A, U, cp in the Blue Window
Isothermal heat flow Calorimeter, best choice at entry level for safety investigations and Scale-up applications.
Calo 2310 base
With on-line display of output and heat of heat-flow, displays A, U, and cp in the Blue Window
Universally suitable, non-isothermal heat flow Calorimeter with automated „Zero Watt“ Base-line function for experienced user, capable of performing complex assignments.
Calo 2310 pro
With on-line display of output and heat of heat-flow and heat-balance as well as A, U and cp in the Blue Window
Combined heat flow and heat balance Calorimeter with automated „Zero Watt“ Baseline in non-isothermal mode. The professional Calorimeter for the complete range of reaction mechanisms.

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