Terminen prosessiturvallisuus

Your perfect pathway to thermal safety
  • Simple operation throughout from measurement to evaluation
  • Required sample size within gram range, ideal for non-homogenous samples
  • Up to 6 measuring cells (measurements) can be operated simultaneously and within independent time frames
  • Wide selection of cost-effective sample vessels
  • Freedom of choice of test conditions for thermal safety evaluations
  • Standardised measuring procedures to determine thermal stability, storage stability, self generated heat, heat build up, and gas evolution
  • Automatic test report generation, qualitative and quantitative data evaluation
FlexyTSC - Your advantages at a glance
Only soundly based thermal safety evaluations can make a meaningful contribution towards process safety. FlexyTSC supports this process by using varying sample sizes and a free choice of test conditions. Nevertheless, all measurements are directly comparable. This provides an exact characterisation of the sample.

Measuring Methods
  • Scanning
  • Isoperibolic steps
  • Long-term isoperibolic evaluations
  • Adiabatic operation
  • IsoARC method (heat-wait-search)
Experimental Conditions
  • Atmospheric
  • Inert gas atmosphere
  • Oxygen atmosphere
  • Using a catalyst
  • Measuring gas evolvement
  • Pressure measurement
  • While stirring
Sample protocol
  • Description of sample
  • Sample serial No
  • Sample weight
  • Appearance of sample
  • Easy diagram generation
  • Output [W/g] / Enthalpy [J/g]
  • Adiabatic temperature increase
  • Time to maximum rate (TMR)
  • Arrheniusplot (Activation energy)
  • Self heating rate (SHR)
  • Onset temperature
Measuring Cells
  • RADEX V5, test vessel, typically 2.5ml
  • RADEX V6 for temperatures down to -50°C
  • SEDEX, choice of test vessels, up to 1000ml
Test Vessels
  • Glass test vessel
  • open and closed, Autoclave
  • stainless steel, Hastelloy
  • Dewar-vessel (mirrored glass)
  • Wire cage (transport safety, UN-Test)t)
  • Three-necked flask

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Technical vade mecum for Thermal Analysis
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